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Peacefair Newest AC Power Meter Energy Meter 220V 100A RS485 Modbus Electricity Kwh Meter for Homekit PZEM-016 With Split CT

This module is mainly used for measuring AC voltage, current, active power, frequency, power factor and active energy, the module is without display function, the data is read through the RS485 interface.

We provide the software to connect it with the PC, all Win system can be used. If you want to connect it with other terminal device such as PLC,SCM and so on, please prepare the fitable cable and write the program by yourself.

Please click this link to download the software and the user manual.


PZEM-016: Measuring Range 100A (external transformer) With Split CT

1.Function description

  1. Voltage

1.1.1        Measuring range:80~260V

1.1.2        Resolution: 0.1V

1.1.3        Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

1.2   Current

1.2.1        Measuring range: 0~100A

1.2.2        Starting measure current: 0.02A

1.2.3        Resolution: 0.001A

1.2.4        Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

1.3   Active power

1.3.1        Measuring range: 0~23kW

1.3.2        Starting measure power: 0.4W

1.3.3        Resolution: 0.1W

1.3.4        Display format:

When the data is <1000W, it display one decimal, such as: 999.9W

When the data is ≥1000W, it display only integer, such as: 1000W

1.3.5        Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

1.4   Power factor

1.4.1        Measuring range: 0.00~1.00

1.4.2        Resolution: 0.01

1.4.3        Measurement accuracy: 1%

1.5   Frequency

1.5.1        Measuring range: 45Hz~65Hz

1.5.2        Resolution: 0.1Hz

1.5.3        Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

1.6   Active energy

1.6.1        Measuring range: 0~9999.99kWh

1.6.2        Resolution: 1Wh

1.6.3        Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

1.6.4        Display format:

When the data is <10kWh, the display unit is Wh(1kWh=1000Wh), such as: 9999Wh

When the data is ≥10kWh, the display unit is kWh, such as: 9999.99kWh

1.6.5        Reset energy: use software to reset.

1.7   Over power alarm

Active power threshold can be set, when the measured active power exceeds the threshold, it can alarm

1.8   Communication interface

RS485 interface。

2   Other instructions

2.1   Power supply

AC voltage provides two isolated outputs after through the switching power supply, one way is 3.3V provides to the measurement system, the other way is 5V provides to 485 communication circuits and external circuits.

485 communication interface power is(+5 V),current output capability is 100mA

2.2   Working temperature

-20’C ~ +60’C

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Coil CT, Split CT


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